Bimbingan Pra Nikah Bagi Remaja Sebagai Upaya Membangun Ketahanan Keluarga

  • Nasrun Jauhari Institut Pesantren KH. Abdul Chalim, Mojokerto
  • Bahrudin Zamawi Institut Pesantren KH. Abdul Chalim, Mojokerto
Keywords: Bimbingan, Perkawinan, Keluarga, Remaja


Family harmony as the goal of marital law needs to always be maintained in the course of marital life for every couple. To be able to realize sustainable harmony from time to time, capital is needed in the form of individual couple resilience, both physically and psychologically. Marriage guidance is one of the efforts to form the resilience of individual couples in carrying out marital life. Therefore, marriage guidance is always proclaimed in the community development program at the Office of Religious Affairs. This service article uses the problem based service learning method. This method is applied as an effort to be able to provide problem-solving for community partners who have experienced a family resilience recession. The purpose of building family resilience in this service is to provide marriage guidance to pre-married adolescents in the village of Bungabellor, Pacet District, Mojokerto. From this service activity, it is expected to get results in the form of (1) marriage guidance can help community partners in understanding the meaning and urgency of family resilience; (2) Islamic religious guidance on marriage and knowledge about the Marriage Law can be capital for community partners to increase their potential towards family resilience; (3) good cooperation between service learning actors and community partners can create synergy between theoretical-based knowledge discourse and social reality.