The discussion theme in this article focuses on the study of literature and language. the first study discusses the analysis of symbolism and meaning which is more dominant in Nicholas Gordon's five love poems. Next turn to the study of sociolinguistics, which produces the conclusion, that differences in the sociolinguistic background will determine the simplicity of linguistics. The third review of this edition is the importance of proverbs at various levels of communication through a comprehensive description of the important characteristics and the various possible inherent and intended meanings they convey. Turning to the study of Arabic, the discussion was preceded by the study of classical Arabic "Jurjani" figures who are reviewers of the language of the Qur'an in the field of Balaghah. Turning to the next discussion, it is still related to classical studies, but the focus of the discussion is more on the comparison. Namely the comparison between the study of classical 'Arabic scholars with modern linguistics in phonetic science. Finally, the discussion of this edition is a theoretical review of language acquisition early on, and how the modification of the acquisition of language into the foreign language learning process emphasizes the acquisition process or unintentional.
Published: 2019-05-25