The first discussion of this edition is about the importance of combining the PAR method with needs and situational analysis and integrating it with the Islamic context. The next article is a review of a trial related to the correlation between reading habits and student learning achievement in learning English. Still related to the learning trials, the next article tries to develop the Snakes and Ladders game format into an electronic format for teaching English vocabulary. From the three experimental and development studies, all the results are positive for EFL. Turning to the study of Arabic learning, the first discussion focused on the habituation of speaking Arabic which was tested at pesantren which greatly ignored speaking and deepened grammatical and vocabulary memorization. In the next section, there is an article that deals with the more strategic and practical reconstruction of Arabic learning management. While the end of this edition is a research and development of listening learning materials. that is due to the lack of teachers who innovate to make audio for learning to hear.
Published: 2018-11-25