The first finding of this edition is a study that states that introverted students have a slightly higher level of participation than extroverted students which contradicts the findings of several previous studies. Meanwhile, gender investigations show that the average speaking participation of male students is relatively higher than that of women. Next is the study of the application of the scientific approach used in teaching English, because usually the approach is applied in science classes. the third discussion is, the fact that today's students prefer to learn using digital technology. then digital storytelling can be expected to be applied by teachers in the process of teaching English.
Furthermore, the study of Arabic in this edition begins with an observation of teaching listening to the suggestopedia method. Furthermore the application of speed reading in Arabic, given that the process of reading Arabic with other languages there are significant differences so it is difficult to ignore grammatically. The last discussion relates to the combined trial of Arabic language teaching between cooperative learning and learning cell.
Published: 2018-05-25