Focus and Scope

Al Mada: Jurnal Agama Sosial dan Budaya is a research journal and thought journal of high-quality Religion, Social and Culture Journal published by the Institute for Research and Community Services (LPPM) Institut KH Abdul Chalim Mojokerto, Indonesia published twice a year (January-July). 

Al-Mada: Jurnal Agama Sosial dan Budaya journal welcomes papers from academicians on theories, philosophy, conceptual paradigms, academic research, as well as religious practices. In particular, papers that consider the following general topics are invited

  • Islamic Culture,
  • Sociology of Islam,
  • Islamic Traditions,
  • Comparative Religions,
  • Traditions of Islamic Boarding Schools,
  • Islam and Local Culture,
  • Islam and Tariqa,
  • Islamic Philosophy
  • Islamic Thought and Literature
  • Islam and Peace
  • Science & Civilization in Islam