Pendekatan Gender dalam Studi Quran

  • Asna Andriani Institut Pesantren KH, Abdul Chalim
Keywords: Gender approach, The study of the Qur'an


The Qur'an as a sacred Muslim scripture of justice that upholds the principle of equality (egalitas)
between men and women, but in its interpretation there are some points that seem to discredit
women, resulting in a gender-biased understanding. This invites question marks among Muslims
itself. Is there a mistake lies in the text of the Qur'an or on how to understand it? Is it possible
that Islam that teaches the principle of equality contains contradictory things, such as
underestimating women? So to reveal the crucial issues that invite the interpretation of the
gender-biased verses of the Qur'an, a special study is needed about the egalitarian interpretive
paradigm and not contaminated by the patriarchal culture. This paper attempts to reveal the
paradigm of interpretation in the study of the Qur'an with the gender approach used by feminists,
in order to gain an understanding and interpretation of the verses of the Qur'an that fit the
contexts and demands of times.


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