Disfungsi Agensi Politik Ulama di Aceh

Kajian Struktural dalam Majelis Permusyawaratan Ulama

  • Muhammad Chabibi Institut Pesantren KH, Abdul Chalim
Keywords: Ulama, Tengku Dayah, Ulama Consultative Assembly, Politics


This article discusses how the Ulama in Aceh or it’s so-called with Teungku Dayah affiliated with
the Consultative Council of Ulama (Majelis Permusyawaratan Ulama) have experienced the
dysfunction of his political agency. Using the Giddens’ theory of structuration , this article yields
some conclusions that genealogically and historically the relations between people of Acehnese and
Ulama is structural patterns of action pertaining to social, economic, educational and political life.
Ultimately, the Ulama action is interpreted as a sacred-religious agency and penetrates into the
profane-worldly agency. Aceh's political Ulama have now branched out according to the personal
and group human interests.


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