Developing English Textbook Material for Islamic Primary Education Program: a Participatory Action Research

Pengembangan Buku Teks B. Inggris untuk Prodi PGMI: Penelitian Tindakan dan Partisipatif

  • Eka Rizki Amalia Institut Pesantren K.H. Abdul Chalim Mojokerto
Keywords: English material, Primary students, PGMI, PAR, Needs and situational analysis


English material for primary students has long been considered distinctive and specific. Unfortunately, the material given to the students is not always in accordance with their context. Consequently, the teaching and learning activity often fail to meet the targeted competence. As needs and situational analysis are already proven to be effective for composing specific learning material for particular students, they are proposed by many educational experts and practitioners to be implemented. The basic concept of needs and situational analysis which emphasize the involvement of all related participants become the reason to integrate them with Participatory Action Research (PAR) method which in fact has the same concept. This is the ground reason of this research. This research discusses the importance of combining PAR methods with needs and situational analysis and integrates it with Islamic context, as PGMI is attached with Islamic nuance. The procedures of conducting the whole process from the very beginning until the last are presented. Lastly, further researches on different field of study are also suggested.


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