Dzikir Dan Fikir Sebagai Konsep Pendidikan Karakter: Telaah Pemikiran Kh Munawwar Kholil Al-Jawi

  • Achmad Krisbyanto Institu Pesantren KH Abdul Chalim Mojokerto
Keywords: Dhikr, Fikr, Character Education


Purpose- This study aims to describe and analyze the dhikr and fikir according to KH Munawwar Kholil Gresik in the book of Faidhul Illah and its implications with the character dedication. Design/methodology/approach- This research uses library research from the data of books that have been collected relevant to the theme. Findings- The integration of dhikr and fikir as the concept of non-dichotomic character education. Dzikir continuously and systematically thinking will bring out the character of the learner is integral. Originality/value- Dhikr (tazkiyatun nafs) and fikir (knowledge) form the whole human character (ulul albab) as the concept of integralistic character education. Character is not only in form through cognitive learning but also necessary habituation of religious activities.