• Ziyad Abdul Ghani UIN sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta
Keywords: Effectiveness, Work, Amil


Effectiveness in every job is a must. The existence of an organization ins depend on how the work driven properly and carried out effectively. The institution that oversees and manages the registration of marriages is the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA). In every sub-district in Indonesia, all of them stand KUA as implementing agency for marriage registration. In Cibeureum Subdistrict there are employees who are outside of KUA, which is called ‘amil. Even though it is no longer one of the elements with a line of coordination with KUA, ‘amil still has direct contact with KUA and the community directly. ‘Amil in positive law is commonly referred to as Assistand Marriage Registrar (P3N). In this study, the effectiveness of ‘amil performance will be sought to determine the extent of its effectiveness. This researc is a field research. Researchers conduct research by visiting directly to the field and use a qualitative approach. Data are collected by observation, interviews and documentation. The effectiveness measurement tool used by researchers is accondance with the theories of Richard and M.Steers that includes the ability to adjust, word performance and job satisfaction. The results of this study are that the performance of ‘amil so has been effective by looking at the 3 factors : the ability of ‘amil who can adjust to his duties, good word performance in the absence of complaints from the public, and the perceived satisfactionn by the public after using the serbices of ‘amil.


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