• Diah Syifaul A’yuni Institut Pesantren KH. Abdul Chalim
Keywords: waqaf, welfare, community


Waqaf can be one solution to improve national development instruments. where endowments have a strategic role in improving the welfare of the people. Waqaf can help improve the quality of education, poverty alleviation, public health and help improve the economy of the community. In Indonesia, the practice of waqaf is still fairly unrealized. This is based on a lack of understanding of the meaning, purpose, form of endowments by the community. Especially in rural areas that basically their understanding is still mixed with classical understanding. Where if you want to carry out waqf, then you must have vacant land as an item to be represented. By cultivating waqaf like saving will make some people begin to be interested in doing it. At present there are many social activities that can improve the welfare of the community with waqaf.


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